Mercedes-Benz announces new “made for iPhone” car cradle

Surely there has to be some way to make an Apple iPhone and a Mercedes-Benz work together, right? Of course there is, and MB has just introduced it as their newest iPhone-dedicated cradle.

Available now for the Mercedes-Benz C-, E-, CLK-,
CLS-, S-, CL-, SL-, M- and R-Class, MB’s new iPhone cradle should take care of your in-car iPhone integration needs. The new cradle will also be available for the upcoming GLK-Class Mercedes-Benz).

The new iPhone cradle should work without the need for anything other than an MB’s optionally available Media Interface or the ever-dependable iPod Interface Kit. The iPhone itself plugs into the car cradle as into any other, and charges while giving you the ability to make calls and listen to music. It is said that the cradle also increases the signal reception to your iPhone because it uses the car’s antenna as well as the iPhone’s own.

Pricing is set at a VAT-inclusive € 249, and is available for order immediately.

Via eMercedesBenz

Author: David Gonzales

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