Symbian celebrates 10 years of innovation

Time flies when you’re a high-tech company producing one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones. It’s hard to believe, but Symbian has really been around this long. And no doubt, they’re going to be around for much longer.

As they celebrate their 10th birthday, Symbian emphasizes on their works of innovation, which you are probably well aware of especially if you use a Nokia or Sony Ericsson smartphone. The best part about this is that Symbian users can get in on Symbian’s “party.”

Symbian celebrates 10 years of innovation

According to Nigel Clifford, CEO of Symbian:

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. In the way we approach new technologies to help the world’s leading handset manufacturers, in the way we reach to understand and deliver to their individual needs, in the way our people work together to help the entire mobile industry succeed.

And on their web site, a timeline of Symbian’s transformation is available for public viewing, as well as a look inside Symbian and a guestbook of some sort that lets users tell their own story involving Symbian.

This might not seem like it’s important when you first learn about it, but let’s just put it this way: your smartphone probably wouldn’t be that “smart” if it wasn’t for this company’s innovation (assuming you have a Nokia/SE, of course).

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