1.3 million Moto RAZR users switched to iPhone, says report

Despite my wanting to write a fairly good headline about Motorola, there’s really no other way to say it. The company is failing overall as a business. They seem to be lacking focus, and if a recent poll from J.D. Power and Associates serves us right, they are losing the very few customers that they have left.

Motorola had a winner in the original RAZR. It had the looks and none of the fluff. It was the ultimate “want” phone back in 2005, but Motorola kept spreading the RAZR too thin until it got too thin to sell. It got old, and soon nobody wanted to have it.


Then came the iPhone, which also had the “looks.” And not only that, it was a very capable phone. And that’s regardless of the fact that it could only run on EDGE, had a 2 megapixel camera, a few other design flaws, and a lock-in to a specific operator. However, it seemed nothing could stop the 1.3 million Moto RAZR owners from getting the iPhone. It seems as if Moto just handed it to Apple, and to everybody else in the mobile phone business, basically.

Now Moto is paying the price. And with them are other companies who used to make big business from them, such as Fox Conn.

It’s really a shame to see Motorola crumble like this, especially if you’re aware of how big they got with just that one phone – the sleek and stylish RAZR. Their only mistake was that they failed to follow it up with something equal, if not better than it, in order to convince more people that they had a really good product going.

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Author: David Gonzales

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