FCC to offer free broadband Internet as part of latest wireless auction

When the FCC isn’t busy leaking out info about top-secret handsets on its web site, it’s peddling wireless airwaves to whomever has got the money and matches the sometimes very strict requirements. And its latest effort on this front involves free broadband Internet access with the to-be-auctioned spectrum.

The FCC has plans to auction a portion of wireless spectrum with free broadband Internet access to buyers, provided that they will screen out the pornography.

FCC’s proposal and plan is now available for public comment at their web site. Basically what their asking from the potential buyers of the new portion of spectrum is that they make some kind of porn filter that would, er, filter the porn out of those airwaves and disable access to it. And I don’t think they’ve noticed this but this isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

Whoever finally gets this piece of spectrum will also be required to give at least half of the US coverage within four years as well as to 95% of the US population by the end of their 10-year license.

The free broadband Internet service also comes with additional obligations, such as a requirement to provide a network-based filtering mechanism for the protection of the children and families, as well as giving access to open devices.

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Author: David Gonzales

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