NEC’s “Bubble Talk” service enables voice message sending on the fly

Tired of the old way of sending messages to your buddies (i.e. SMS text) and want to try out something new? NEC has a little something for you. It’s called “Bubble Talk” and it was unveiled in Las Vegas at NXTcomm 2008.

Bubble Talk is a new messaging service that uses on the fly voice recordings as messages instead of text. Implementation is simple as can be, and it is said that several operators have already picked this up.


To use the new Bubble Talk service, users need only to dial * (the star key) plus the cellphone number of the recipient so that the final form would look like this:

(*)+(mobile phone number)

And after which, the sender should speak the message after a “BubbleTone” before hanging up to initiate message sending.

Vodafone, Airtel, DiGi are said to be among the seven mobile operators who will be implementing this feature, and NEC also plans to expand to other carriers around the world. Not sure how many people would be thrilled by this, but it certainly beats the crap out of straining your thumb on a phone’s keypad.


Author: David Gonzales

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