Nokia E71 and E66 product managers answer some important product questions

Witnessing the official launch of the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66, I’m sure you have quite a few questions in your minds right now. Why does it only have FP1 instead of FP2? Will it be N-Gage compatible? Is the smaller QWERTY keyboard any good?

All those questions, as well as a few important others, have been answered by the product managers of the new Eseries handsets in an on-the-spot Q&A session.

Nokia finally launches E66 and E71 officially

It is not mentioned who answers when, but the product managers of the Nokia E71 and E66 answer the most immediate questions about the new Eseries handsets.

As most have already guessed, the Nokia E71 and E66 had to settle with Feature Pack 1 because at the time of its development, “FP2 wasn’t suitable,” according to one of the product managers.

“Nokia needed a stable and reliable platform to build the unique (security and messaging) E-series features on.”

Also, the PM’s confessed that the E71 and E66 are both only “single chip” products that will not be supporting N-Gage gaming. The core focus of both devices is business anyway, so it doesn’t really seem to be a big letdown on the part of Nokia,

Lastly, although the overall size of the handset has been lessened, not to mention the QWERTY keyboard on the E71, usability is still up there and it is noted that 70% of test users during the time of development preferred the E71 keyboard over competitors in the market.

More are questions are answered by the Nokia E71 and E66 product managers here.

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