Nokia speaks up about product leaks, broken promises, and what to do about them

Is Nokia trying to put us out of a job? And you as a reader out of intellectual reading material? Putting that aside, they have decided to break their silence regarding unofficial product leaks, whether intentional or not, and how it has really affected the company. In one word, they’re “unhappy.”

The Nokia E71, writes Charlie of Nokia Coversations, is the most leaked product that he has ever known at Nokia. That’s not surprising, since we’ve had our eyes on the Nokia E71 and E66 for quite a long time now since the first time it leaked. So how is the company facing this and other similar situations? Eh, they’d rather not have this stuff happen.

Nokia finally launches E66 and E71 officially

But as the article goes, it seems Nokia knows exactly how product leaks happen. Enumerating different ways such as if they or a distributor make material available before the announcement, employees hint at product codes or other miscellaneous info at the wrong place and at the wrong time (within earshot of a blogger or someone who knows a blogger?), and broken NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). So if they know exactly how product leaks happen, surely they can think of a way to stop them, can’t they? And not need to suffer the impact of these uncalled for leaks?

As writers who make it our duty and responsibility to cover product leaks like this, I wonder whether Nokia and other companies who have experienced such things hold people like us accountable. I mean, we’re only the messenger, after all. And the real “leaks” happen in places that we may never be able to reach. Still, I wonder if Nokia really wants to be able to get to the bottom of product leaks and put an end to them, or is just hating on bloggers for doing their thing.

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Author: David Gonzales

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