Android Devices Being Brought in Q4

Whenever we gadget fanatics hear that a product or service is becoming available in the second half of the year, in our heads we are really thinking, the beginning part of the second half. Not so with google’s Android OS; Android devices are expected to launch sometime in Q4 of this year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

So, while technically Q4 is still in the second half of the year, very few phones will be launched during that time. For example, T-Mobile should be the first cell phone carrier out of the gates in the fourth quarter. But Sprint, who was hoping for a Q4 release, was delayed until 2009.

Sprint wants to put its own branded features on Android, which will require a lot more effort and negotiation than originally expected. Sprint is also considering 86-ing plans to launch a 3G Android phone and simply aim to launch it on its forthcoming 4G WiMax network.

AT&T is also looking into Android but still has not made a decision, saying it is still determining if it is “feasible” to launch Android on their network.


While Android released a SDK last year, there have been several changes to the system and delays to the OS’s release. This is potentially very bad news for Google, as most of Android’s hype has been superseded by new phones from Apple and Blackberry.

via WSJ

Author: Brad Molen

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