iSuppli’s virtual iPhone 3G teardown puts BOM at $173.00

iSuppli confessed that their widely discussed iPhone 3G teardown was actually done virtually, “using insights from [its] analysis staff to develop estimates of iPhone content, suppliers and costs..”

A breakdown of the iPhone 3G components was also presented, showing us that the total BOM for Apple’s iPhone 3G is only $173.00, a good 20-something bucks away from the Apple and AT&T contract-accompanied list price.

iSuppli\'s virtual iPhone 3G teardown puts BOM at $173.00

On how they managed to get this information, iSuppli says:

“The analysis team consisted of iSuppli’s leading experts in the areas of teardown analysis, semiconductors, displays, mobile handsets, consumer electronics and wireless infrastructure,” the firm said in a statement. “iSuppli had planned to withhold any analysis of iPhone content and costs until it had conducted an actual physical teardown of the product. However, due to strong popular demand for information on iPhone costs and pricing, iSuppli has decided to release a preliminary analysis to the public.”

It was noted, though, that iSuppli’s breakdown did not include software development, shipping and distribution, packaging, as well as miscellaneous accessories included with each iPhone 3G unit.

Via Apple Insider

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