Nokia updates OS on Internet Tablets

Own any of Nokia’s Internet Tablet devices? Well then pay attention, because the company has just issued an update that will give your gizmo a few internal tweaks for the sake of performance, wireless capabilities and stability, among other things.

The new, updated Internet Tablet OS is called the OS2008 Feature Pack and runs under the codename Diablo. It’s not really a major update for the Nokia tablet OS, though, so you’ll be able to get by fine even if you don’t download it.

Nokia updates OS on Internet Tablets

But in case you do, here’s what you’ll be getting, bullet style:

  • SSU (seamless software updating) enabling components of the OS to be updated without having to flash/rewrite the entire operating system
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates via Wi-Fi and WiMax connections
  • Update of the email client to Modest with several enhancements to the user interface and additional support of several mobile-friendly email features
  • Addition of Chinese fonts to the system font list
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes to OpenSSL
  • Browser panning fixes
  • Support for A-GPS in the N810 and N810WE
  • Wayfinder GPS application updates
  • Additional unspecified features

It appears this update is only for some of the most recent Nokia Internet Tablets, and the download links are available from Nokia’s web site. And check out this handy Flasher Wizard for additional help.

Download Nokia N800 SW Update
Download Nokia N810 SW Update

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