First handsets running Symbian Foundation’s open-source OS out in 2010

Kai Öistämö, Nokia’s head of devices, said during a press conference in London that the first Symbian Foundationsymbian powered devices will come in in 2010 at the earliest.

Developers apparently can start working on the new open-source platform immediately, since according to Öistämö, “applications created today for Nokia’s S60 platform would be work with the final Symbian Foundation platform.” That means that new Nokia N78 you’ll get yourself for the weekend will work fine with apps built for the Symbian Foundation’s OS, since it rocks Symbian version 9 and S60 3rd edition inside.

Symbian Foundation

Since devices powered by the new open-source platform won’t be appearing in at least two years time, Google will have a good head start in releasing its own open-source Android OS, no matter how far in 2009 the delays take the release date.

At the time of Android’s release, the real development for the Foundation’s OS will just about be ready to begin, since it is only then that the first S60 elements will be available for all Foundation members, according to Öistämö.

“The final piece of the integrated code, where we have integrated all the elements, will be available in two years’ time. All development done on Symbian version 9 and S60 3rd edition will be forward-compatible into the Symbian Foundation releases. For application developers, you can start developing today for this new platform and be sure that your investments will be maintained.”

Motorola and Sony Ericsson, meanwhile, are looking into repositioning UIQ in the mobile market.


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