Chrysler adds optional in-car Wi-Fi to 2009 models

Chrysler plans to introduce a built-in Wi-Fi feature to most of the cars it will produce in 2009. This is part of the company’s “uconnect” system, and will come as standard in 2009 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep model cars.

This will be a boon for users who need constant access to the Internet, and yet have to be always on the move. As part of this new service, Chrysler will introduce “uconnect” hardware that will serve as the key to accessing the Internet.


It is reported that uconnect hardware will work with compatible cellphones, as well as digital music players like the Apple iPod. The system can be controlled both by voice and touch gestures.

Other features include an in-car 30GB hard drive, navigation and real time traffic reports, and three-channel satellite television as well as satellite radio.

This dealer-installed option should work fine over cellular phone lines, for a monthly fee which has not been decided yet.

Via The Associated Press

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