France’s Orange iPhone 3G Pricing Revealed

Each day we get closer to the infamous July 11 launch date for the 3G iPhone, the internet gets all abuzz with news of iPhone pricing for different countries. Today’s flavor turns out to be Orange from France.

Orange has officially announced the pricing structure for the big phone. France, look to be shelling out €149 for the 8 GB model and €199 for the 16 GB model.

This appears to only be available for brand new customers; any customer who is on Orange will be paying an extra €50 on top of those prices (same goes to brand new customers who want a rate plan not intended for the iPhone).

Orange iPhone pricing

But that’s not all, folks! Anyone who currently has an iPhone gets an additional price break on the new version, to the tune of a €100 rebate. For a 24 month commitment, the current iPhone owner will get a new one for only €99.

So there’s some nice incentives in there. What say you, citizens of France? Intrigued? Guess we will find out July 11.

via IntoMobile

Author: Brad Molen

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