HTC Touch, Mogul get 6.1 Treatment from Sprint

Sprint is certainly having a busy week. First the Instinct has a record-breaking week, and now it is bringing out some WinMo 6.1 love for the touchscreen lovers who don’t have an Instinct yet.

I am talking to those who are carrying around a HTC Touch (Vogue) or Mogul on Sprint’s network. Yes, owners of either phone will be getting some nice benefits to go along with these updates.

The Moto Q9c was the first to get 6.1, now the Touch and Mogul, to be followed by the Treo 800w that will ship with 6.1 already installed in just a few weeks.


According to PhoneArena, users are reporting a quicker GPS fix and overall improvement in stability. We hope you will have the same experience as well. Head over to XDA to download it for yourself!

via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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