iPhone 3G to Launch 8 AM July 11 in USA

Last year we had a grand ol’ evening celebration when the first iPhone made its appearance. This time, however, when the new iPhone decides to come out to play it looks like we will be waking up when the sun goes down June 10 just to get in line for an EARLY morning celebration.

Boy Genius Report has reported that AT&T stores will begin selling the 3G iPhone at 8:00 AM local time on July 11. This sounds like a much better idea for everyone involved – the customers won’t have to sit around in 100 degree weather all day, and stores will have potential to sell a lot more iPhones on opening day.

BGR released this as a rumor, but has since been confirmed by our sources.

Now we just hope there will be enough supplies to satisfy all who are willing to wait in line!

Apple Line

The crazy thing is, AT&T won’t be the first outlet to sell the phone; New Zealand will be crowned victor in the race, as they will begin selling at 00:01 July 11 Auckland time, which is still 5:01 AM on July 10 in California.

via Boy Genius Report

Author: Brad Molen

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