O2 to Offer iPhone 3G with Prepaid

The word on the street is that O2 is diving headfirst into the 3G iPhone launch and pulling out all the stops. We recently heard they are preordering the device beginning July 1, and now we have discovered that they plan on also selling the iPhone on a prepaid plan.

Certainly these phones won’t be cheap since no contract will be associated with the phone, but for those who cannot stand being bound by one carrier this is a great option.

O2’s website told us that the 8 GB will be available for £299.99 (US $600) and the 16 GB will ask for £359.99 ($700). However, it does come bundled with 6 months internet and WiFi access free, and afterwards will increase to £10 ($20) for unlimited data. For prepaid this is an amazing idea!

O2 prepay

However, the pricing has been removed from the website, so we are unsure whether this means the prices are subject to change or they are just trying to be sneaky. We’ll keep our fingers crossed though!

via IntoMobile

Author: Brad Molen

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