Preorder your iPhone on O2 July 1

UK tech jocks rejoice because your wish has come true! iPhone carrier O2 will begin offering the 3G iPhone up for preorder starting July 1.

The news seems to be legit, as it is appearing on O2’s Ireland website. Customers will be able to set up their contract ahead of time and be given a unique registration code; this way, all they have to do is show up to the stores and pick their phone up.

We have to say, O2 is looking pretty good with the preorders, free iPhone with contract option, and even a prepaid option. Over 130,000 people in the UK expressed interest in the new iPhone the very first week it was announced.

O2 store

The opportunity to preorder will not only appease those already interested but entice others who may need a little extra persuasion (though if you’re not persuaded by a free 3G iPhone, what WILL you be persuaded by?). It will also give O2 a measure of what kind of demand to expect on July 11, and plan accordingly.

O2 stores are expected to open at 7AM on July 11, and will also be on sale at Carphone Warehouse.

via Appletell

Author: Brad Molen

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