Samsung Instinct Achieves Record Sales

Sprint is overjoyed with the news that Samsung Instincts have been flying off the shelves at record paces. They announced today that Sprint’s “iPhone killer” has become the fastest-selling phone that packs EVDO in Sprint’s recorded history.

This is great news for Sprint’s marketing department, since they spent nearly $100 million in attempt to get the word out about the Instinct.

It is also great news for anyone associated with Sprint, as this news about record sales translates into more new customers. Frankly it will be considered a success if Sprint records a positive increase in new customers this next quarter, compared to the 1M it lost in Q1.


Part of the reason for the high sales could feasibly be attributed to the low price of the phone. Instead of selling for $199 as originally expected, Sprint lowered the price to $129 instead. This could have persuaded would-be iPhone buyers to get the Instinct.

Author: Brad Molen

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