Opera Mobile 9.5 Coming July 15

Opera announced today that the wait for Opera Mobile 9.5 is almost over. The browser is undergoing some final testing, and they are anxiously expecting a target date of July 15 for the first beta.

In its blog, Opera mentioned that the reason it has taken some time to get ready is because Mobile 9.5 will based on the 9.5 for desktop. This will ensure that you will be able to surf the web with a mobile browser that supports the latest and greatest standards for the Web.

Apparently, some versions of the 9.5 are already shipping on the HTC Touch Diamond. Opera said it is easier to make the browser work on one specific phone before releasing it to work on a larger variety of phones.

Opera Mobile 9.5

Customers can also expect a difference between the pre-installed versions and the public version available for download, Opera says.

via Opera Mobile Blog

Author: Brad Molen

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