LG aims to sell 100,000 Secrets, capture 10% mobile phone market share in Malaysia

Though the LG Secret hasn’t really been much of a secret for quite some time now, it was only launched in Malaysia the other day, where LG managing director Ko spoke about the company’s plans for the future.

Like you, Ko is aware of the fact that LG isn’t the first name that comes to the average consumer’s mind when the subject of mobile phones are mentioned. That company will try to change that, and step up their marketing efforts for added product promotion.

LG secret

Ko says the company is confident of selling 100,000 Secrets and capturing at least 10% of the local mobile phone market in Malaysia. TO achieve this, LG will adopt a “more customer-centric approach in marketing.”

“It is just a matter of time that LG mobile communication division will be the number one income generator for the company,” according to Ko.

And while I’m no Nostradamus, it’s not impossible for LG to reach their goals with an ultra slim, 5 megapixel camera packing feature phone that’s priced “very reasonable” according to LG’s standards. The Malaysian retail price is RM1,999.

Via The Star

Author: David Gonzales

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