Nokia plans internet-based services and more for the rural market in India

Who ever said rural lands have been late in adopting the use of mobile phones must’ve been smoking some thick stuff. Mobile phones, and mobile services, for that matter, are such a hit in rural towns that Nokia plans to launch a campaign that will likely land them the top spot in these markets.

Nokia President and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo says that the company is working on internet-based services for the rural market soon. It is reported that they are working on micro-finance, distribution, and even agricultural services for the rural market as well.


All this is part of Nokia’s strategy to fully penetrate and conquer the still untapped rural mobile phone market. The new services will be enabled in their low-end to mid-range phones, although it wasn’t mentioned whether the whole thing will be launched throughout India or just in specific regions where operators support it.

We’ll be reporting more on this as it develops.

Via The Examiner

Author: David Gonzales

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