Nokia quietly slips Series 40 6th Edition with Supernova handsets; what’s in it?

By now, I’m sure you’re already fully aware of Nokia’s newest mid-range, fashion-conscious handsets that are the Supernova phones, launched yesterday at an event in Moscow in which we had exclusive access and took the liberty of snapping live pics. And while these phones don’t really bring much to the table in terms of functionality or style, two of them quietly carry the latest version of the Series 40 platform. You see, the platform now rocks the 6th edition. And there have been some improvements.

Aside from the expected enhancements on the overall UI, Series 40 6th Edition brings in support for Location API for J2ME. That’s fancy for saying that S40 phones can now benefit from the added functionality of Bluetooth GPS units with location-based applications.

S40 6th ed

Also new, S40 6th Ed. features Flash Lite 3. That, and the new browser that’s based on the open-source WebKit gives it S40 phones access to a full HTML browsing experience, not unlike what’s currently available on higher-end phones like Nokia’s own Nseries, Google’s Android, or Apple’s iPhone.

Other improvements also include:

  • An enhanced UI with transitions support providing smooth-state transitions during UI navigation.
  • Extended WLAN capabilities.
  • Additional audio and video codecs with support for Windows Media Video (WMV) 9, and Windows Media Audio (WMA) 10.

Series 40 6th Edition will come pre-fitted on the upcoming Supernova handsets launched yesterday, and the official SDK will be made available to application developers, with emulator and all, some time this year.

Read more about Series 40 6th Edition and the entire S40 platform from Nokia’s web site.

Read Series 40 platform white paper [PDF]

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