France Telecom adds Beef to TeliaSonera Offer

Three weeks after TeliaSonera told France Telecom they were not interested in being bought out for $41 billion, we have discovered FT is not about to give up so easily. The strategy: throw more cash into the pot.

Reuters reported this evening that the two companies are once again in talks now that France Telecom wants to add more worms to its fishing line. The fact that they are in talks says a lot, considering the first offer was rejected by TeliaSonera’s chairman immediately.

It will be interesting to see how much extra cash has to be added to change Telia’s mind about being purchased. We doubt it will be a small amount, but FT did mention it has limited resources to offer.

Look for the talks to be settled within the next couple days. Check back with Unwired View for the latest information on the verdict.

via Reuters via Engadget Mobile

Author: Brad Molen

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