Another AT&T memo leak says iPhone 3G will be sold bricked, requiring in-store activation

Adding further evidence to earlier reports that the iPhone 3G, at least as far as AT&T retail stores are concerned, will have to be unboxed, opened and activated on the spot at the point-of-sale, here is an internal AT&T memo regarding a new desktop icon that will play a huge part on the July 11th iPhone 3G worldwide rollout date.

The desktop icon for iTunes utility “will be used for unbricking iPhone 3G devices during the activation process,” says the memo. It seems that this piece of software is actually a partial version of iTunes, made out in Activation Only mode, and employees are warned against using it until Launch Day.

iPhone 3G unbricker

Though this obviously is not good news for those who are still hoping for a chance to walk out of their local AT&T stores with a virgin, boxed iPhone (though bricked), the same cannot be confirmed for local AT&T stores across the world.

So far, though, this internal memo from AT&T makes it clear: iPhone 3G units purchased from local retail stores will have to be activated inside the stores themselves. Yet, it is a challenge the the worldwide Apple iPhone hacking community will gladly take on, I’m sure. You have to give props to Apple and AT&T for this cunning move, though. This will be a tough nut to crack.

Via Apple Insider

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