LG Secret launched in Korea

Not that this was unexpected, LG finally launches its flagship touchscreen handset, the LG Secret, in the Asian country of Korea. Other than the obvious difference in pricing and default handset language, the LG Secret that’s coming to Korea is basically the same as what’s available elsewhere around the world.

This means that Koreans will still find the same 5 megapixel, face detecting camera with the LG Secret as it launches, in a body that’s still as slim as an LG handset can get.

LG Secret in Korea

The LG Secret is a very slim 5 megapixel camera at only 12mm, and it records video at 120 FPS. It also has an “auto illuminating” QVGA LCD screen that measure 2.4-inches for your video viewing pleasure.

Yes, of course, it has 3G. Even HSDPA. And if you check out the stylish build on this thing, you’ll find that it can be incredibly hard to resist. No info on pricing yet as of this time’s writing. Read our LG Secret review.

Author: David Gonzales

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