New Sony patent shows first glimpse at future PSP-iPhone killer combo

Learning from rumors that Sony and Sony Ericsson might not work together in the creation of the PSP phone seems mighty ridiculous at first, but it’s not entirely unbelievable. And as shown in Sony’s latest patent filing, we find that this could almost certainly be true.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s director Phil Harrison is listed as the sole inventor of a patent for a handheld device that has a large touchscreen display, a bevy of sensors and force feedback. This patent is very different from the original Sony PSP phone patent that we dug up some time ago, suggesting that there has been some renewed effort on this front.

New Sony patent shows first glimpse at future PSP-iPhone killer combo

The arrangement of the components inside this still undeveloped Sony touchscreen device looks similar to that in the current PlayStation Portable. However, this one gets mass storage and built-in sensors (which could most likely include an accelerometer) for added functionality.

This touchscreen device also features a system called “tactile pixels” which offers force feedback through the use of small bumps that “lift” up to the screen with each press on the touch-sensitive display.

At this point, there’s no way to make sure what exactly Sony plans to do with such a concept, and chances are it won’t be coming out in stores any time this year. But come time and a little more effort on Sony’s part, we might just be able to see another version of an iPhone contender, this time centered on gaming, even if Sony Ericsson has nothing to do with it.

USPTO Via Electronista

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  • Glenn

    I for one would really look forward to seeing a PSP based phone – the concepts brought forward in the article, along with a PSP'eque design and user interface might just make me part with my iPhone :D

  • Free_Dating_Service

    i phones rock I have one! I love it.