Verizon Wireless and Rhapsody team up for unlimited MP3s at $15 a month

Rhapsody and Verizon Wireless together will provide subscribers unlimited MP3 downloads for only $15 a month. And though Rhapsody recently announced that it will be offering DRM-free songs like Napster, iTunes, and Amazon from here on in, all songs downloaded as part of this $15/month unlimited service will still come with Digital Rights Management in tact.

All songs downloaded directly to a user’s cellphone, that is. The DRM free version will be the extra one that goes to a user’s PC, which is still part of this $15/mo unlimited MP3 download service.

Verizon Wireless and Rhapsody team up for unlimited MP3s at $15 a month

A total of seven Verizon Wireless handsets will support this new service, while three more models will be launched soon. The upcoming batch includes the LG Chocolate 3, the latest rendition of a happy, shiny, and sexy phone from LG’s Chocolate series of handsets.

Again, the Verizon Wireless-Rhapsody music service will be available at $15/month for unlimited MP3 downloads, and songs downloaded directly to phones will be the ones that will still have copy protection deep inside. This is to prevent piracy, according to Ed Ruth, VZW’s director of digital music. To do direct downloads, users will need to connect their phones to a PC with Rhapsody software, which as of this time’s writing is unavailable for the Mac.

Via Yahoo!/The Associated Press

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