Whrrl lets Motorola and Samsung in on the fun, adds new features

As more and more mobile applications become social, it’s only right for the phone makers themselves to want to get a piece of the action. This is their business, after all, and not keeping up with what’s trendy is like not continuing to breathe.

But anyway, Pelago just announced that their software product called Whrrl soon be available on the BlackBerry World 8830, the Samsung M610, and a bunch of Motorola handsets such as the V3xx and V9. Versions of Whrrl are already available on the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and Nokia N95, while a version for the iPhone is also in the works.

Pelago Whrrl

Whrrl is a social networking and discovery service by definition, available for free to users of any compatible mobile phones. This service works while connected to the Internet, and lets a user experience a sweet combination of mapping and micro-blogging technology, to share with both friends and strangers in their network.

Both the Web and mobile version of Whrrl are also going to get new features, according to Pelago, including:

  • improved mapping capabilities which can plot friends’ real-time locations on the Whrrl map
  • “what’s on my map?” feature which provides users with a helpful navigation menu for exploring places and events with the aid of friends and dozens of targeted filter options to create a user-customized view of the Whrrl map
  • Whrrl Radar feature that provides users with information on people, places and activities taking place beyond the view of a user’s currently mapped location
  • full screen view of the Whrrl map by hiding personal Whrrl feeds from view

The life of Whrrl has just begun, so expect to hear announcements of even more new features soon.

Author: David Gonzales

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