AT&T iPhone Pricing Revealed

A press release this morning confirmed AT&T’s pricing structure for the iPhone 3G to be released on July 11. While the prices for qualified upgrades and new activations were revealed by Jobs during WWDC, the prices for non-qualified upgrades and no-contract options were not.

New activations and eligible upgrades will get the 8 GB for $199, 16 GB for $299. Certainly no surprise there.

For any non-eligible upgrades, the price goes up to $399 and $499 and renews the contract. This will equal the price and contract renewal conditions of the first iPhone, and in our opinion we’re glad they chose not to go higher.

However, in the biggest surprise of all, AT&T announced that in the future they will offer a no-contract option at $599 and $699. It had been rumored that this was not going to be an option at all to cut down on people trying to purchase the phone and unlock it to be used on other networks.

Also, AT&T acknowledged the iPhone rate plans (shown above and below) and confirmed that texting must be purchased separately and will not be included as part of the data package as had been the case with the first iPhone; thus the normal SMS rates will apply. MMS? Still not sure yet about that one, but stay tuned folks.

via AT&T

Author: Brad Molen

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