AT&T Roadmap Revealed

Are you interested in AT&T smartphones but part of the minority that does not want a 3G iPhone? Good news — AT&T still has new phones on the horizon for you! Leaked information came into the hands of GearDiary and they were more than happy to grace the rest of us with that 411.

Here’s the lowdown:

Q3 is all Blackberry. The Blackberry Bold is coming, as well as the Curve 8320 (with WiFi instead of GPS). In addition we have been given BIS 2.5 and will soon benefit from OS 4.5. The new OS will available on the 8820, all Curves, and the Pearl 8120.

Q4 is all about the WinMo 6.1 devices. WinMo devices like the Blackjack 2, Tilt and Moto Q9h will get upgrades to 6.1; the Pantech Duo 2: Electric Boogaloo will be introduced, as well as the Blackjack 3 and AT&T Tilt 2 (thought to be the HTC Touch Pro). Also rumored is a mystery Samsung WinMo 6.1 device, which most theorize is the Omnia.

Q4 will also feature a LG non-Qwerty device.

The disappointing bit to me is that there was no mention of the Nuvifone or any Nokia smartphone. That doesn’t mean they won’t show up though. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Most devices will come equipped with aGPS, 3.6 HSDPA support, 528/624 MHz processors, and 3 MP cameras, but check out the link below to see the specs.

PS: The Pantech Duo 2 won’t really be nicknamed Electric Boogaloo (though I think it would fit quite nicely!).

via GearDiary

Author: Brad Molen

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