BlackBerry Bold to debut for Rogers Wireless on July 25th

Canadians may not like the fact that Rogers is going to rip them all off with their recently announced iPhone 3G pricing plans, but here’s something I’m sure at least a few other folks out there will smile about.

Like John Mayer, Canadians will be getting their grimy paws on the upcoming BlackBerry Bold ahead of the Americas, for about two to four weeks if you have to be specific. Rogers Wireless will launch the Bold on July 25th, according to the latest report from

BlackBerry Bold Rogers Wireless

There’s still no word on official pricing yet, or whether this July 25th release date will even be true, but with the just a little more than three weeks ahead it won’t be much of a wait for those looking forward to it.

If the Rogers iPhone pricing plans offer any clue, though, it looks like the Canadians (and anyone else willing to fly over there just for the BlackBerry Bold) are in a very good position to get screwed… with the pricing of the BlackBerry Bold, that is. Of course there’s still a possibility that the pricing will actually be low.

We’ll see come July 25th.

Via CrackBerry

Author: David Gonzales

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