BlackBerry Thunder now officially known as BlackBerry 9500, to launch with OS 4.7.0

Confirming most of the information that we have already reported about in the past, BlackBerry News reports that the BlackBerry Thunder, that sleek touchscreen wonder that RIM is building in super secret town, is now officially known as the BlackBerry 9500.

As earlier reported, the BlackBerry 9500 will launch on a lifetime exclusive with Vodafone and Verizon Wireless, where it will no doubt perform best using the high-speed HSPA and EV-DO networks of both networks.

Blackberry Thunder photo

Of course, we wouldn’t be writing about this right now if all you’ll learn from it are tidbits from yesterday’s news. So what’s new?

The wide touchscreen on the BlackBerry 9500 Thunder will have a resolution of 360 x 480, giving at an even more crisp display than what’s currently available or what’s coming in the near future (read: iPhone and iPhone 3G).

Another interesting bit of trivia about the BlackBerry 9500 is that it will reportedly launch with OS 4.7.0. We haven’t had the chance to play with the said OS, though, so we can’t say much about it. But I’m sure if you’re a RIM/BlackBerry fan, then you’re already pretty informed on that front.

No word yet on pricing or avalability, though we gather it’ll be announced at around the same time as Rogers makes it official in Canada as well.

Via BlackBerry News

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