Sony Ericsson to follow-up T-series classics with Sony Ericsson “Remi”?

Batman returns. Superman returns. Britney Spears returns. We love comebacks! And remakes, too. So if you’re anything like us, and are especially fond of your old T-series Sony Ericsson phone, then follow the periods up until the end of this post.

Rumors are telling us that Sony Ericsson is preparing a follow-up model to the original classic SE phone, the T610, in the form of a sexy new metallic handset that currently runs under the codename “Remi”. Not much is known about the handset in question other than that it’s shiny, it’s sexy, and it’s quite a powerful candy bar in the hand.


For starters, the Sony Ericsson Remi will carry a 3.2 megapixel camera, work on HSDPA networks, and wear an aluminum casing that measures a mere 10mm thick! That’s not really much when you consider today’s standards (touchscreen, 5MP camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.) but for a feature phone, that’s good enough.

Reportedly, the Remi will actually be a W890 doppleganger, as if it was a thin Walkman phone that doesn’t work as a Walkman phone. So it’s a music-centric fashion phone, minus the music. Clear?

I’m sure a lot of Sony Ericsson fans will be thrilled to learn about this, but you have to ask, since this one was leaked again before the official announcement from SE like Paris and BeiBei, will it suffer a similar fate? Let’s all hope not.


Author: David Gonzales

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