Google Maps for mobile gets voice search – only on BlackBerry Pearl devices, for now

The mobile version of Google Maps has been available for quite a while, but Google has decided to give it one of its most interesting features yet – voice search.

The brand new version, that includes the voice search capability, can only be installed on BlackBerry Pearl devices (namely, BlackBerry Pearl 8110, BlackBerry Pearl 8120, and BlackBerry Pearl 8130) and only by U.S. users. A little too much only-s, but everything must start somewhere…

Google Maps for Mobile
These lucky users will get voice search integrated in their BlackBerry devices, which means they’re excused from typing their search query from now on. All they have to do is center the map around their location, press the left-side key and say what they want to search.
Google Maps for Mobile is a free application that can help you determine your exact location, get driving directions, whether you have a GPS connection or not. If you don’t, Google Maps for Mobile will figure out your position based on the location of the nearest GSM base stations.

Hopefully, we’ll see the voice search feature on some other mobile devices soon.

via: Official Google Mobile Blog

Author: bogdan

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