Blackberry Kickstart to be $49.99 on T-Mobile?

This could be huge! Rumors are flying all over the place that the Blackberry Kickstart, RIM’s first clamshell attempt, may begin selling on T-Mobile for $49.99 on a 2 year contract.

Crackberry broke the news that there are quite a few sources whispering in their ear that these are true facts. If this is indeed true, this will be one of the least expensive smartphones on the market; this would definitely help T-Mobile retain some customers that would otherwise be thinking of getting the iPhone 3G.

So, this seems like a great move for RIM, given the tough competition it will face in the upcoming months. It is also a good idea for any mobile phone user that has been interested in getting a high-end PDA but isn’t interested in the price tag that comes with it. By the looks of it, this would be a great starter for the smartphone novice!

RIM Kickstart

Unwired View will be anxiously looking for more sources confirming the price, so stay tuned!

via Crackberry

Author: Brad Molen

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