Files on Ovi in Beta Lets you Access Your PC From Your Mobile Device

Nokia is starting to see the fruits of its acquisition of Avvenu from last year as it has now made Files on Ovi available in beta form. This is the most recent Ovi service, which allows you to use your mobile device to remotely access your PC from anywhere, even if the host computer is turned off.

Avvenu has already been offering its Access n’ Share services since 2004, which enables secure remote access to files and remote music listening through the iTunes library on your host PC.

Files on Ovi is a service offered by the Nokia/Avvenu acquisition and requires access to your Nokia account to login. If you have already installed Avvenu on your computer, Files setup will uninstall it and let you reinstall the Files on Ovi application. You will also need a software connector for your PC and a mobile device with web access.

Files on Ovi 1

The application lets you access “anytime files” that can be uploaded to the Files website, allowing you to access your files even if your PC is not turned on. Each basic Files account comes with 10 GB of storage, but a 30 GB will be available. This anytime file feature is free for now but will eventually become a premium service. Sign up right now and you can get a free 90 day trial.

Files on Ovi 2

The software connector that gives you remote access to the computer while it is on should still remain free no matter what.

Currently Files on Ovi is only available for the Windows platform but Nokia intends to add more platforms down the road.

via Taskussa (Finnish) via Symbian-Guru

Author: Brad Molen

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