Google Talk optimized for iPhone

They say looks can be deceiving. Well, so can blog post titles. Not this blog post’s title, but rather, one from the Official Google Mobile Blog that goes “Google Talk for the iPhone”.

Sure, it’s really an introduction of “Google Talk for the iPhone”. But as it turns out, it’s just another optimized mobile web site for Safari, the iPhone’s mobile web browser. It’s not a stand-alone, native app. And that would’ve made the difference.

Google Talk optimized for iPhone

Anyway, Google Talk for the iPhone will also work with the iPod Touch, since both have practically the same version of mobile Safari. All users have to do to access the improved GTalk is navigate their browsers to And everything starts from there.

But before you get all giddy with thinking about how you’ll chat your GTalk buddies to death now that it’s been fully tweaked for the iPhone, know that this is just another one of those mobile web apps that you have to keep running in the background to keep working. Yup, being unable to keep native apps running in the background is bad enough, and mobile web apps are worse. So lest you want to restart your Google Talk sessions every time you log in with your iPhone, you have to keep the GTalk window open.

Either way, this is your one true ticket for mobile chat on the iPhone. If you haven’t tried the many other alternatives out there, that is.

Via Google Mobile Blog

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