Samsung’s SCH-W510 Eco-phone given green label award in Korea

Anyone excited about harvesting a couple new phones? Sorry, pun intended and just couldn’t be helped. That’s for Samsung’s new stab at creating a very environment-friendly handset, which is made out of corn and other eco-friendly materials, actually.

The Samsung SCH-W510, launched in Korea as an Eco Phone, has been bestowed the “green label” from the Korea Eco-Products Institute recently. It features some fairly high tech in its entirely “green” body. By green, of course, I mean it users natural corn in its body and does not contain substances that are harmful to the environment. Which is why it got the “green label” in the first place.

Samsung Eco Phone

But you’d be wrong to think this phone would be utterly useless in the city. For starters, Samsung’s Eco Phone has a 3 megapixel camera, built-in Bluetooth and integrated multimedia player, along with other features that you’d expect to find in any regular sized, normal handheld phone.

The biggest news about this is that the handset itself doesn’t seem to be going anywhere other than the Korean market. I guess that’s OK. I’ll just wait. They will make another version out of potatoes, right?

Via Akihabara News and Telecoms Korea

Author: David Gonzales

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