29% of Japanese consider exchanging current phone and data plan for iPhone

Its functions seem interesting. Its design is superior. Its interface seems easy to use. These things and more are the reasons why people in Japan are excited about the SoftBank Mobile’s July 11th iPhone launch.

In a survey conducted by Kakaku.com which lasted from June 19th to June 25th of this year, 50.9% of all respondents gave a positive response to the upcoming Apple iPhone. 90% of the total 7,963 respondents are male.

kakaku iphone survey

Of course, not all of the survey respondents were existing subscribers of the telco from which the iPhone will be launched exclusively, SoftBank Mobile Corp. That didn’t stop 45.8% of subscribers of other carriers from saying that they were either intending to purchase the iPhone or are already considering it.

As for the question about what they plan to do since the iPhone will be launched exclusively in through SoftBank, 63.5% said they are willing to cancel their current subscription and sign up for a new one, while 36.5% said they want to keep the iPhone as an additional handset to their existing one.

There really is no surprise here, since there’s only two things you can do if you’ve ever considered buying the iPhone: replacing your current phone (as well as the data plan) with it, or getting it as a second phone. But it’s interesting to note that even though the iPhone’s only been out one year so far (and exclusively released in the US at that), it’s been able to rouse so much interest from the pedestrian consumer.

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