Nokia’s Aeon concept phone brought to life in China

It turns out that you and I were devastatingly wrong to think the technology to make Nokia’s Aeon concept phone does not yet exist in the real world. Because here it is, folks. The truth. Real live and in the beating Chinese flesh.

Of course, now that I’ve finally said the word “Chinese”, I’m sure you’re already getting the joke. Because let’s face it, the Chinese have a reputation to uphold. Who’s going to make all the knock-offs of the world if they don’t, right? And don’t worry about them getting in trouble for ripping off Nokia in various ways. Because out there in China, piracy “just works”.

Nokia Aeon in China

This phone apparently is being sold in China as the ‘OEM like Nokia Aeon’ phone, which features a glossy, metallic front facade, 2.2-inch TFT screen, and a very clear and visible “invisible keyboard”. The spec sheet also gives it the power of Bluetooth, dual SIM card support, built-in music player and 3D stereo loudspeaker. And a 2 megapixel camera that can only shoot 1.3 megapixel photos is possibly also on board.

Nokia Aeon in China

Turning the handset around, you can see that it even blatantly display’s Nokia’s logo down the back side. Definitely a Nokia? I can’t believe I missed it either.

Not sure if this phone can change shape, charge itself off the sun, clean itself and help you do your taxes, but if it does one thing, that’s prove yet again that there’s no phone, or concept, too complicated or unreal for the Chinese to copy.

Via Tech Ticker Blog

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Nokius

    It is not a Nokia it is a Nckia, look at the Label on the back side ;-9

  • Thomas

    The updated tri-band version for the US is the A95i Aeon by Digitalrise. Specs are here:

  • Nokia

    You need an eye test dude! View the pic properly!

  • kinshuk

    is aeon available in india????????

  • kinshuk

    is aeon available in india????????