Sony Ericsson picks GlobalFun as one of two main official content acquisition partners

Eager to fill up the catalog of software in their Play Now Arena and Fun&Downloads service, Sony Ericsson has chosen premium mobile games developer and publisher GlobalFun as one of its main official content acquisition partners.

Sony Ericsson and GlobalFun have been dealing with each other for about 5 years now, and now with this content acquision agreement, things can only get better.


Bertil Krumnack, EVP of Sales&Business Development in GlobalFun, only sees this as a proof that their company’s strategy on content acquisition and account management has been and still is the correct one.

For Sony Ericsson, this might as well be just another move to enrich their product offerings as one of the world’s leading mobile phone companies, but for the many who are aware of rumors about the possible release of a PSP Phone in the near future, this will come out as intriguing and maybe even add to the conviction that the PSP phone is coming.

But of course, until we hear such from some of the bigger names in the mobile phone games development industry, this could very well be just wishful thinking.


Author: David Gonzales

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