Sony Ericsson W595 leaked and spec’d

Out of nowhere, photos and information about a so-rumored Sony Ericsson W595 seems to have come out, and from these we find that, other than it’s codename is “Linda”, it’ll sport a classic Sony Ericsson slider form factor, a 3.2 megapixel camera and mystical music playing abilities.

Some are saying that this is the long-awaited upgrade to the Sony Ericsson W580, which, though a great music phone in and of itself, has grown too old for kids these days to even appreciate anymore. Rekindling the W580’s flame is apparently what the Sony Ericsson W595 Linda is all about.

SE Linda W595

As noted in Sony Ericsson’s naming system, since this leaked unit’s model number ends with “5”, there’s some truth to this being a new Walkman slider.

The Sony Ericsson W595 looks like it features improvements all over the place. It only measures 14mm thick, which I think is more than comfortable enough to hold while sifting through your music playlists.

Rounding up the music experience, an FM radio is also inbuilt inside it. Shake control, which Sony Ericsson is so hot about right now, is also a feature. We’ll see just how well this handset gets received come the time it gets official.

Via Journal du Geek

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