NTT DoCoMo to Offer Blackberry Service

NTT DoCoMo, responding to requests from small and midsize businesses, is launching Blackberry Internet Service on August 1st, allowing for direct connection to internet without a dedicated server.

The first device to be released will be the Blackberry 8707h, sold through business channels and online stores. Similarly priced to most Blackberry services in the US, the BIS will cost 3,045 yen (around $29 US) per month.

DoCoMo will also offer a discount packet-billing package starting September 1. This plan, called the Blackbery Data Transmission Package, will give the user up to 80,000 packets of data per month for 1,680 yen ($16 US). Going over this limit will charge the user .0525 yen each packet.

Be on the lookout at the Wireless Japan 2008 Convention in Tokyo from July 22-24 for a demonstration of the new BIS.

via NTT DoCoMo

Author: Brad Molen

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