O2 Website Offers iPhone Pre-Orders

The anticipated iPhone Day July 11 is now just 4 days away, but all those UK Apple fanboys can pre-order their new iPhones off of O2’s website as of this morning.

We reported June 26 that pre-orders would be available starting July 1 but sadly we were about a week off the mark. However Appletell is reporting that it is now on the website officially.

Orders are on a first-come, first-served basis, and the sooner you order it the more likely you will receive your order on July 11 from a courier!

Update: Just took a look at the website and noticed the iPhones are now out of stock; it says that due to high demand the phones are out of stock, and asks you to come back on July 10 “for more information”. Not sure how you can be out of stock on a pre-order, but hopefully by the 10th you will be able to order again.

via Appletell

Author: Brad Molen

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