Apple and Rogers feud rumor smashed: iPhone 3G won’t go on sale in all Apple stores outside US, not just Canada

Earlier reports believed that Apple was showing Rogers who’s boss when it was revealed that all of their six retail stores in Canada will not offer the iPhone 3G on Friday. In their place, the iPhone 3G will be for sale on Rogers and Fido stores.

At first this rumor garnered reactions to the sound of “serves you right for your high iPhone pricing plans, Rogers!” from people all over the world, but as it turns out this was only a minor detail that got blown out of proportion.

Rogers Wireless iPhone 3G

Only Apple stores in the US will offer the iPhone 3G on Friday alongside the exclusive carrier’s retails stores, which in the United States’s case is, of course, AT&T.

Apple stores from the UK, Japan, Italy, and Australia will not offer the iPhone 3G for sale, just as the Apple stores in Canada or anywhere else outside the US. Though it seems like a very fitting thing to do, Apple seems to have something else in its mind regarding how it will punish Rogers, if they even plan to do so in the first place.


Author: David Gonzales

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