Joikusoft launches JoikuSpot Premium,

Must-have Symbian freeware app JoikuSpot Light has been given the premium treatment, and is now also available as, uh, JoikuSpot Premium, offering the same “make any mobile phone a wireless hotspot” spunk and more.

Corporate intraweb (VPN) and email protocol support are among the few great additions to JoikuSpot’s feature set, and anyone interested may now be able to grab it for a special introductory price that’s 40% lower than the original retail price.


And just where is JoikuSpot Premium available? Just a little something called The press release calls JoikuShop “an online webshop with premium quality commercial mobile software titles from industry leading software companies, supporting any mobile phone models.”

JoikuSpot Premium also welcomes commercial licencing toward Operators, OEMs and Corporates, and is fully customizable for the branding and feature configuration needs of the licencee.

As with the original, JoikuSpot Premium will also handle your Internet sharing needs with ease. It will work mostly with any Wi-Fi enabled device you throw at it, whether it be another cellphone/smartphone, Wi-Fi enabled music player, or even mobile computers.

Check out and for more info.

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