Unlocked iPhones from Mobistar in Belgium will run from 525 Euros and up

And you thought the iPhone 3G was cheap? Check out Mobistar Belgium’s iPhone pricing, why don’t you? As with the multitude of other carriers that will launch the speedier iPhone on Friday, Mobistar will start offering it in Belgium unlocked and without a subscription or network contract. The catch? Prices run as low as 525 Euros ($823) up to 615 Euros.

“The price will be above that in other countries,” was the official “duh” statement issued by Mobistar Chief Exec Benoit Scheen in a news conference. Perhaps this is their way of taking advantage of being the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in Belgium.

iPhone 3G

According to reports, the iPhone 3G cannot be used by a subscriber with any existing plans.

Initially, 250 units will be made available for sale on the worldwide rollout date, but Mobistar assures that there will be a few thousand more available in days to follow.

Via Reuters

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