Asus throws in the white towel on ZX1 Lamborghini phone

I don’t know, but is throwing projects out the window the trend these days? Motorola has done it before, and recently Sony Ericsson did so as well when it cancelled Paris and BeiBei. Now, we’ve got word that ASUS is letting the wind on the sails of the upcoming Asus ZX1 Lamborghini smartphone die. Yes, the Asus ZX1 may have been cancelled.

The source of this rumor, of course, cannot be named. But seeing as how long Asus is taking to roll out this phone, not to mention that we haven’t really heard much about it from them for quite some time now makes this claim sorta-kinda believable.

Asus throws in the white towel on ZX1 Lamborghini phone

The reason for this product cancellation is supposedly so that Asus can continue working on more important products that are scheduled to be released by Q4 of this year.

The real Eee PC killer may still be unidentified, but here it’s clear that Asus is the Zx1 Lamborghini smartphone killer. It could’ve been a great iPhone clone phone, but there. Here’s to hoping someone in position there changes his mind and this product still gets delivered, no matter how long it takes.

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