Carphone Warehouse: iPhone 3G demand is so huge we’ll shun affiliates, suspend commission payments

Making good money on sales commissions for phones from Carphone Warehouse, eh? Well here’s a little something that’ll ruin your sunny day: we’ve just received word that Carphone Warehouse is killing all affiliate commission payments for iPhone 3G pre-orders in the UK.

You may have already scored some big bucks because there’s been a flood of iPhone 3G pre-orders since O2 made it possible, but don’t count your money just yet. Carphone Warehouse will temporarily suspend affiliate commision payments for iPhone 3G pre-orders and, anything that might’ve already come through and reflected in your account will be cancelled out by the end of the month.


Full text of the tip reads as follows:

The Carphone Warehouse launched a pre-order service for the iphone this week. As you would expect,
response has been huge but at present, these pre-orderes will not be attracting a commission.

We hope to be able to share news with you soon on whether there will be commissions paid on the
iPhone when it officially launches on the 11th July.

In the meantime, you may see a rise in contract sales through the reports and also in your
TradeDoubler accounts. The iPhone orders will be deleted along with other returned/cancelled orders
so you can expect any increase from the iPhone to be cancelled out at the end of the month.

Apparently, iPhone 3G demand is so huge that affiliates are no longer needed for promotion.

Though it wasn’t mentioned whether or not commissions for iPhone contract sales will also be affected, it’s possible that there won’t be any affiliate payments for those as well.

It’s also likely that O2 may have already cancelled their own iPhone 3G pre-order commission payments, but we have yet to confirm this. We’ll follow up on that when we receive confirmation.

Author: David Gonzales

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