Sales of GPS handsets to grow up to 10% in China by 2012

Sources from inside Taiwan’s handset chipmaking companies project that GPS-enabled phones will grow from the its current 1% market-share to 10% in 2012. They say this is highly likely thanks to the fact the handset vendors have now begun the initiative, with Nokia spearheading the GPS-enabled handset game.

Not only that, but before the end of this year, GPS handset unit sales in China are expected to grow three or four times compared to the rates from last year.

GPS phone

Helping international brands such as Nokia, and Nokia are China-based white-box handset vendors, who are all working to develop and incorporate low-cost or integrated GPS solutions to their products. It is reported that Taiwan-based MediaTek is currently the most likely choice in this regard.

It should be noted, however, that without corresponding location-based services with which consumers may be able to maximize the use of their handset’s GPS functionality, most of these efforts will go to waste. These location-based services are not yet widespread, but it should be available as early as two or three years from now. And that’s when GPS handset sales will speed up to meet the predicted growth to 10% market share.

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